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Welcome to Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC
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Do you live in a community or own a business where nuisance Canada geese have moved in and taken over? Have your sidewalks, parking lots and lawns become covered in goose droppings? Are you concerned about geese attacking you, your family, employees or customers? If so, Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC is your solution to reclaiming your property and improving your ground beautification.

The once nearly extinct Canada goose population has exploded over the last 30 years. This increase has presented some health and beatification concerns to many residents and businesses.


Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC  provides several geese management solutions. Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC  actively networks with federal, state and local agencies regarding Canada goose management. We have obtained multiple permits allowing us to perform our services. Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC uses only highly trained Border Collies and Handlers to remove geese from properties. Egg/Nest removal and goose round-up relocation can also be provided to obtain our mission.


Goose Control of West Michigan, LLC works with municipalities, universities and commercial/residential businesses all over the West Michigan area.

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